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StartSSL™ DNS Network (beta)

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Welcome to StartSSL™ DNS Network

Important Notice: This service will be discontinued at the 20th December 2015 - Please get yourself a replacement by that date.

The StartSSL™ DNS Network is your third party DNS server service for your domain name. We provide you with classic static DNS services, but also for domains which are typically self-hosted at the dynamic IP address (dial-up) of your home computer or home network. Every time you visit this site, your dynamic zone gets updated to the current IP address of your computer. There isn't a need to install any client application - all you need for dynamic self-hosting is a web server and browser installed on your system.

The setup and configuration is absolutely easy, even for non-technical people. The setup wizards configures your DNS zone in two steps and for most users the pre-configured settings are sufficient. Should you have additional requirements you are able to use the advanced settings interface.

Best of all, this service is provided to you for free by StartCom. Should you also need a stable and reliable operating system, web and mail server in order to self-host your web site(s), we suggest to you to consider our StartCom Enterprise Linux. For securing your web site via SSL digital certificate, check out StartSSL™ PKI!For help on DNS related issues please visit the StartCom Forum.